Rad-140 or Testolone has become a very popular sarm in the bodybuilding industry. Being just as strong and possibly even stronger than testosterone, many uses it to build muscle and gain size.

Many claim that it has no side effects or minimal effects when compared to injecting testosterone. Let’s take a look at the facts.

If you’re consider using this compound, you may be concerned with blowing up like a balloon and looking bloated. That is the last thing you want when trying to build a nice physique.

Does Rad-140 Cause Water Retention?

Being a sarm, Rad-140 does not have the ability to aromatize. This means no water retention. However, it can cause you to store more glycogen across your body which people may confuse with bloating. Most people do not notice water retention, but if you do consider cutting back sodium and cleaning up your diet.

Disclaimer: Testolone is not illegal to have, but it is illegal to use in professional and amateur league sports. This is simply providing information, and not recommending anyone to take it. It has not been tested on humans and should not be considered as safe to consume.

What Is Rad-140?

Rad-140 or Testolone is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). It has tissue selective anabolic effects in muscle and bone, while having a minimal effect on prostate, seminal vesicles, and androgen affected tissues.

Still, in the preclinical stages, it has yet to be tested on humans and shouldn’t be considered safe to use.

It’s considered to be a “safer” version of testosterone to many as it doesn’t require injections and appears to have less side effects. It’s high level of oral bio availability means that it does not need to be injected.

When taken, Rad-140 binds to androgen receptors and exerts anabolic effects of muscle tissue and bone.

What are androgens? They are a group of hormones that play a role in male traits and reproductive activity. Testosterone is an androgen, which promotes muscle growth, which is what is focused on when taking Rad-140.

Rad-140 has actually been proven to bind to androgen receptors more than testosterone.

It was initially made to prevent muscle loss and muscle wasting, and also to help with breast cancer. When tested on rats, it was also shown to be safer than testosterone replacement therapy.

Benefits Of Testolone

It will increase your muscle mass. It will increase anabolic processes by targeting androgen receptors, leading to muscle growth.

It will stimulate muscle growth by promoting the development of muscle cells. By targeting androgen receptors, it will improve strength, muscle gain, and may aid in fat loss.

While no studies have proven the effects on fat loss, those with more lean muscles mass burn more fat. They will also be able to train harder in the gym due to having more energy and less fatigue from Rad-140. This results in more fat being burned during a workout.

Androgens also play an important role in protecting our brains. This can increase brain cell growth, improve memory, and help fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

It will increase bone density. By increasing testosterone, you will fell better in and out of the gym. This will further help with muscle building. An increased sex drive will also happen when your testosterone raises.

It increases energy levels allowing people to go harder and longer in the gym. It also increases recovery, allowing you to not feel as sore after a difficult workout.

Your muscles will grow and rebuild themselves quicker.

Water Retention

Rad-140 does not aromatize, meaning that there should be little to no water retention.

Water retention can either because by a steroid or compound converting estrogen at a high rate. This will lead to increased estrogen and a bloated look.

Or it can be caused due to an increase in glycogen storage. All anabolics and sarms will do this. However, Rad-140 does a good job of making you look and feel full without a bloated, or water retention look.

Rad-140 does not actually have the ability to aromatize as it is a sarm. It will temporarily lower the estradiol counts in your body.

This means that Rad-140 does not cause any water retention or bloating. It will make your body hold more glycogen or carbs which may make you appear bigger. People may mistake this for water retention.

If you notice that you are looking bloated or soft, consider cutting out as much sodium as possible. Also, if you are eating a ton of calories you are going to look bloated no matter what you’re running. You still need to eat clean to look good.

Safety & Dosage

Side effects are not known as it has not been studied on humans. However, since it is a similar compound to testosterone, similar side effects can be noted.

These include breast tenderness or growth in men, changes in sex drive, male pattern baldness, mood swings, and nausea or sickness.

Rad-140 will also suppress testosterone. This is because it delivers high amounts of testosterone into the body. The testes then quit producing it as they do not need to. This causes them to shrink down. A PCT must be taken after the cycle to get the testes producing testosterone normally again.

When testosterone levels get low after a cycle, estrogen can peak which is not a good thing in men. High estrogen levels can lead to acne and oily skin, lethargy, erectile dysfunction, irritability, gynecomastia or man boobs, depression, increased blood pressure, and more.

This is why it is a must to take a PCT to help combat estrogen levels following a Rad-140 cycle.

Consider nolvadex or clomid as your PCT.

Rad-140 can potentially enlarge the prostate, increasing the risk of prostate cancer.

With the increased energy and greater recovery time, this can cause issues. Bodybuilders will stack on a lot of weight and go harder than they normally would. This can place strain on joints and bones.

Dosage and Cycle Length

Most users report seeing affects with just a 10mg dose. It is suggested that beginners stick with this for their first cycle. While advanced users will go up to the 30mg per day dosages.

Anything higher than 30mg will not produce better results, but rather increase side effects.

It is to be used for 8 weeks, as anything more will do more danger than good. Effects can be felt anywhere from week one to week four of taking Rad-140.

Beginners should start with 10mg per day. If no side effects are present after a couple weeks they can consider raising the dose by 15mg. For a first cycle, there is no reason to go above 15 or even 10mg. More is not better, and many people get amazing results with just a 10mg dose.

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