Let’s be honest. No amount of cardio will allow you to reach your fitness goals if you aren’t eating properly. Let’s discuss some of the best foods to eat for fat loss.

First of all, what constitutes if something is healthy or not? It should be a whole food & not have high amounts of fats or sugars. It should not be processed or found at the gas station or from a fast food restaurant. Most high protein  & lower calories foods will meet this criteria.




Fish contain high amounts of protein and omega-3 fatty acids which help you lose fat. They also make your body produce less cortisol, which is a hormone linked to fat storage. Any food low in calories will help you lose weight.

The high protein content will allow you to reach your muscle building goals. While it is also low in calories & fat, you don’t have to worry about putting on unwanted body fat while eating it. For more tips on how to burn belly fat, see here.


Vegetables have almost 0 calories and 0 fat, so it is obvious why eating more of these leads to losing body fat. You can eat as many vegetables as you want without worrying about putting on fat.


Coffee also contains 0 calories and fat on its own. The problem is when people add 3 sugar and cream into their drinks. Sweeteners or less fatty milks such as almond milk can be used in place. Not only does the caffeine in coffee improve mental and physical performance, but it also helps your body burn fat and boost metabolism.



Eggs also contain omega-3 and a lot of protein. Eggs help reduce hunger and promote feelings of fullness helping with weight loss. Additionally, eggs are proven to increase metabolic rate, forcing your body to burn more fat.

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