Price: 34.99

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Whenever rating a product, I think it’s important to first do a breakdown of the ingredients.

Ingredient Breakdown

200mg Caffeine Anhydrous: This is an increasingly popular supplement for weight loss and improved athletic performance. Also, creates a feeling of alertness and reduces fatigue.

200mg Robusta coffee extract: Coffee beans that have not yet been roasted and have high levels of chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid helps promote weight loss.

200mg MCT oil: Extracted from coconut oil, promotes weight loss, increases release of hormones peptide YY and leptin which promote the feeling of fullness in the body. Convert into ketones which are produced from the breakdown of fat when carbohydrate intake is low.

Yohimbe, black seed, purslane, and mushroom extracts: aid in weight loss, promote healthy mood, increase fullness.

Does It Work?

Increases energy substantially which is helpful when performing difficult cardio or workout sessions. If eating in a calorie deficit and doing cardio, you will notice increased fat loss. They are not magic pills and will not burn fat if you sit around and don’t eat properly. Unlike many fat loss pills, these do not cause heartburn, nausea, or other related stomach issues.

Try it out for yourself.


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