If you’ve been to the gym I’m sure you’ve heard all of the hype about pre-workout supplements.

Are they worth taking? Are you afraid of that these supplements may be unsafe?

Is Pre-Workout Worth It?

Pre-workout has many ingredients that are beneficial to your workouts. These include extra energy, less fatigue, & better pumps.

Let’s Take A Look at the Ingredients

Is Pre-Workout Worth It?


One of the most common ingredients in pre-workout supplements is caffeine. It allows you to feel less tired and fatigued, pushing you through difficult workouts. Muscles use glycogen for energy and when it runs out, muscles become weaker and less efficient, which results in exhaustion.

Caffeine can cause muscles to burn fat, which preserves glycogen, allowing muscles to not tire out as quickly. This means caffeine helps burn extra fat, while also allowing you to do cardio for longer periods of time without getting tired. It will also allow you to workout for longer, resulting in increased muscle growth.

More is Not Better

Be wary for pre-workouts that have high amounts of caffeine, causing dehydration, anxiety, & causing your heart to beat faster. Dehydration negatively effects muscle and cardiovascular performance and can be dangerous. Certain people can experience rapid breathing and increased stress levels so be careful and don’t take high amount if you’re highly caffeine sensitive.

Why Am I So Tingly?

If you feel tingles all down your hands and face after taking a pre-workout, this is due to the ingredient, beta-alanine. It’s an amino acid that improves athletic and physical performance.

It aids in the production of carnosine, which is a compound that helps with muscle endurance during high-intensity exercise. The muscles will then be able to work for longer periods of time without becoming fatigued. So, you can work out harder for longer, with the risk of some tingly skin.

L-Citrulline or Citrulline Mallate

This is also an amino acid that is found in watermelon. It’s used for conditions such as heart failure, sickle cell disease, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure and others. It increases nitric oxide synthesis in the body.

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator that relaxes your blood vessels, allowing them to widen, increasing blood flow and lowering blood pressure. Luckily, it hasn’t been shown to have many side effects.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is one of the worlds most popular effective muscle building supplements. Creatine increases your muscle’s phosphocreatine stores, which aids the formation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the molecule that your cells use for energy and basic life functions.

When exercising, ATP gets broken down to produce energy. By increasing ATP production, your body has more fuel during high-intensity exercises. It also boosts the formation of proteins that create muscle fibers.

By also increasing the amount of water in your muscles, they will quickly increase in size. Some research also states that creatine can reduce levels of myostatin, which is a molecule said to stunt muscle growth.

Long-term use has proven to aid in muscle fiber growth, and also reduce fatigue and tiredness. The best part of all is that it’s safe! It has been researched for many years and has had no adverse health effects on individuals.


I’m sure you’ve heard how many benefits B-Vitamins have. Let’s take a look at how they help in fitness and why they would be in a pre-workout. B vitamins have an impact on your brain function, energy levels, and cell metabolism.

Meaning they can give you added energy similar to coffee and help with focus, which is a target of pre-workouts. That’s not all, they help with good digestion so you can digest your proteins, cardiovascular health for long cardio sessions, and even muscle tone.

It’s even shown to help promote testosterone which is directly related to muscle growth. With so many benefits, it’s clear to see why they would be added into a pre-workout.

The Main Benefits of Pre-Workout

No one is going to be 100% to go and hit the gym every single day. We all have days when we are exhausted and getting in exercise is the last thing on our mind. A pre-workout supplement can be enough to give you that drive to get your butt to the gym. Having that extra push to do a few extra sets leads to more muscle breakdown and muscle gains.

You will have increased focus and concentration during your workout. This makes it easier to block out distractions around you and get your training done efficiently. You’ll last longer as you won’t become fatigued as quickly, allowing you to perform more exercises. Increased strength, power, and endurance.

Pre-Workout Worth It?

And The Drawbacks?

Many of the side effects come from caffeine which is found everywhere, not just in a pre-workout. If you are highly sensitive to caffeine and experience effects such as anxiety or rapid heart beating, you may want to consider not using it.

Certain pre-workouts have Propriety Blend listed under their ingredients, meaning that not everything is disclosed. It’s never a good idea to take something that does not list all the ingredients contained.

Taking more than instructed can be dangerous. There are serving sizes for a reason. Can be expensive when compared to something such as coffee. Possible dehydration, make sure to drink plenty of water with pre-workout.

If you take pre-workout all the time, you body will build up a tolerance to it. This means you won’t feel the same effects from it, making you want to take more. This can be countered by taking it in moderation, and have breaks from it.

Final Conclusions About Pre-Workout

Overall, if used in moderation and you’re taking the correct dosage, they are safe. Start with a half a dose and try a pre-workout that doesn’t have a huge list of ingredients or high concentrations. Listen to your body and see how it effects you.

Make sure to stay hydrated. With taking all of these precautions, pre-workout will give you a great boost of energy and help you have a high intensity workout!

Which Pre-Workout Should You Take?

Let’s consider one of the most popular and well-known pre workout brands in the industry, C4. I would consider it a safer pre-workout as it doesn contain crazy amount of caffeine like many others do.

This mitigates all the possible negative effects and may be more suitable for those sensitive to caffeine. Tastes great! Not overly expensive! Great for beginners who want to try pre-workout for the first time. Does not contain any banned or unsafe ingredients. Go ahead and check it out for yourself.

As the owner of this page I’ve tracked down special deals for some of the products and deals mentioned. When you use the links on this page to make a purchase I may get a small commission and you save money. Full disclosure.

12 Replies to “Is Pre-Workout Worth It?”

  1. I have been wondering if it is worth my while to use a pre-workout supplement, so found this article to be very helpful. It seems that there are several side effects that one should be aware of when it comes to some ingredients, with the main one that could present a side effects being caffeine. 

    I react badly to any caffeine, so is there a pre-workout supplement that you can recommend that has zero caffeine in it? Thanks

  2. Really love your article. Every time I am bumping into your website I have to stay to read what’s the news, the news article. As this is running into my blood the benefit of the fitness, I have read with breathtaking everything. I know and I agree with you regarding the vitamins to be taken for the wellbeing of this amazing body. Thank you for sharing this super knowledge, I  have no further questions for you.

  3. Hi, Trae!
    Truth be told I’ve never thought of taking any pre-workout supplement and sometimes I really feel I need one …
    Your opinion about C4 and the fact it has less caffeine than others really makes me curious about it! I believe the way you put things is a big help for everyone who’s looking for the right and safe product. Thanks a lot for sharing and keep safe!

  4. Yes pre-workout is enjoyed by people that often hit the gym. It always give the extra kick to get you going! I personally use creatine and one of its effect to your body is the absorption of water into your muscle cells. So if you take creatine and workout at night, be sure to drink lots of fluid especially isotonic drink before your sleep so that you won’t wake up with sore throat!

    1. It can make a huge difference on a workout, that’s for sure! Creatine is awesome, but yes you have to stay hydrated while taking it.

  5. Engaging in a pre-workout routine was a trick I learned to avoid burnout while working out. For someone like me who has Meniere’s Disease, I have to be ultra-careful about taking anything that affects the brainstem. Caffeine fits into that category! So, over-doing it is not an option!

    Vitamin B has been my main go-to, along with a nice little helping of diced watermelon!

    It’s good to see this article includes those two, plus covers the pros and cons of caffeine. Caffeine, like everything else, needs to be consumed in moderation.

    My blood pressure also loves to dance as if it’s in a cabaret! So, again, caffeine is not recommended prior to a workout for someone like me! Watermelon actually helps keep the BP under control while the B vitamins seem to help keep me focused.

    1. Pre-workout certainly does the trick! But yes you have to watch the ingredients in it, especially caffeine. Vitamin B is a very helpful and safe supplement. I’m glad you’ve found something that does the trick for you. If you’re looking for all the same ingredients minus the caffeine I would highly recommend this stim-free pre-workout. It’s my go to! Good luck with your training.

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