When trying to achieve the lean physique you’ve always wanted, its always difficult to decide which workouts to do or to begin. Instead of getting caught up on which form of cardio is the best, just do whatever you have available. It’s more important that you start.

However, if you wish to achieve higher levels of fat burning and take it to the next level, a cardio rower is a great machine to try. I will explain its benefits and how to use it to the best potential to obtain your physique goals in this article.

How the Cardio Rower Can Help You

Cardio rowers are a very intense form of cardio great for burning fat and building muscle. Cardio rowers use up to 86 percent of your muscles. This is because rather than just walking and moving your legs like most cardio machines, you’re also integrating your entire body. This also leads to more calories being burned in a shorter amount of time.

It targets many muscle groups such as the pectorals, upper back, arms, abdominal muscles, and your entire leg. The fact that it can build muscle while also burning fat makes it stand out from other cardio machines. Being a low impact form of cardio, it does not put a great deal of stress on your joints, which makes it an available cardio source for all people.

Many people suffer injuries or sore joints from running. If this is the case, rowing is a great option that will not put the same stress on your legs. Additionally, it will burn even more calories than running does. Being a cardio exercise, rowing vastly improves the cardiovascular system, improving heart and lung strength and helps fight against heart disease.

How Much Cardio is Required

Since a cardio rower provides a full body workout, it burns much more calories than other cardio machines, meaning you don’t have to spend as much time on it. Depending on your fat loss goals and how many calories you wish to burn, the time limit will change. A 125lbs person will burn about 250 calories during a 30 minutes rowing sessions, where a 150lbs person will burn about 300.

Staying Motivated

One of the most difficult parts of a workout plan is motivation. How do you force yourself to do something as difficult as cardio on days when you’re exhausted, or just don’t feel like it. First, you must ask yourself why it is you’re doing this. Whether it is for health reasons or because you want to look better in the mirror, you must really reflect on yourself.

The pain you feel from staying where you are must be greater than the pain of implementing the workout plan. Take note of all of your reasons for starting. After you’ve had a long day and cardio is the last thing you want to do, read over your reasoning. When’re sweating and in pain and don’t know if you can go any further, think back to your reasons for starting.

Once you start to see results in your physique or on the scale, this will motivate you like crazy. When see how far you’ve come it will push you to go even further. Just keep pushing, you can do this.


While this may come as obvious to some, no workout regimen will produce results with a poor diet. I won’t sugar coat it, you can do hours of cardio a week and still have a poor physique if your diet is not in check.

This should be your first target when trying to reach your fitness goals. Without proper nutrition, your body will not operate at an optimum capacity. Your body needs fuel to get you through tough sessions on the cardio rower. Eating in a calorie deficit will ensure your body is burning fat, leading you closer to your goals.

I suggest being in a 300-400 calorie deficit to burn just below a pound of body weight per week. Anything more results in losing too much strength and muscle. It is also important that you are eating enough protein to ensure that you are keeping as much strength and muscle as possible. Men should be eating 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight and women about 0.8 gram per pound of body weight.

Start Rowing Today

There are countless reasons to add rowing in your workout regimen as I’ve mentions. Whether your current form of cardio isn’t providing you with the results your desire, or you have an injury and cannot run, or just want to try something new, rowing is a great option that I couldn’t recommend more. When done regularly along with a well-balanced diet, it will provide the results you’re looking for.

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